ASCE Website Redesign

Web Design | UI/UX
Tools: Illustrator, Figma
Project Overview
ASCE (Associated Students, Concerts and Events) is the student programming board responsible for some of the longest standing campus traditions at UC San Diego, such as You At The Loft, Bear Gardens, and the Sun God Festival. I was tasked with revamping their website to be more event driven and to give them a new visual identity.
My Contributions
I worked on this project one other teammate, Andrew Zhen. I was the main visual designer for this project, but we discussed and determined the visual direction of the application as well as many of the core interactions as a team. Together, we ran user tests, went through many iterations, and in the end, developed a solution we were happy with.
Our goal was to design an event-driven website whose look and feel is timeless. The goal was to bring more focus to the design decisions we made were difficult because of the sheer task of overhauling an entire brand. Though we will were loosely managed by the ASCE team, much of the direction was left to us.

ASCE’s audience is predominantly undergraduate students who are looking to get more involved in campus events. They also thrive off of easily accessible information and visual-heavy designs. Students’ social tendencies and intense curiosity make them a marketing team’s dream audience. Using what we know about ASCE’s users, we could design to address their needs.
Redesign Goals
The old ASCE website had a lack of focus on concerts and events. The homepage did not boast the most up-to-date and exciting things happening on campus at UCSD, which we think was a missed opportunity. The ASCE website was too passive of a website. When users visited the old website, they did not readily see upcoming events or the latest information. Instead, they got a glimpse of a landing page that featured a decoration image that did not speak to ASCE as an events website or as a brand. We wanted all of the major events where show