Fashion Quarterly Magazine

Editorial Design
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Project Overview
Fashion Quarterly is a premier student-run fashion publication at University of California, San Diego. We collaborate with students and locals to produce semi-quarterly publications each year.
My Contributions
I was the lead designer and creative director for this project. I was given full creative control of the aesthetic and direction of the magazine. Besides the text, I created everything else within the magazine. I tried to both match the feeling of each of the written pieces with the artworks, but also create a visual commentary on the fashion industry as a whole.
FQ Issue 16
Lead Designer
March 2019
My objective for this magazine was to take the fashion magazine format in a totally new direction. To me, the most impactful work comes when you push something so far that it barely remains within reach of the starting point. I wanted to both use the key elements of the medium but also undermine each element that makes it unique. 

Fashion has become a very corporate art form, and I wanted to bring it back to what makes fashion important to me: a method of self expression. Fashion magazines nowadays are all about clean cut aesthetics where the people and the clothing all fit into a certain mold. I want to turn that on its head. Popular magazines focus a lot on faces and forms of beauty that are commonly sold to us through advertising, but I meant to redefine it.

I wanted to see if a fashion magazine could be a fashion magazine without any fashion. In this magazine I want the focus to be on the visuals. Fashion is a both a visual and tactile medium. I want the viewer to visually feel the texture of the work. 

Here are a few of my favorite spreads.